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DIY Tie Back Holder

By day I’m a stay-at-home-mom but I am also a part-time newborn photographer at Blue Egg Photography. Photographers tend to build up a large stash of tiebacks and headbands for girls and my collection is growing quickly so I thought it was time to build something to store them, here is a tutorial for my DIY Tie Back Holder. I think I’m going to make a second tieback holder for my daughter’s headbands and hair ties too.

I built this entirely from supplies I already on hand so it was a totally free project – my favorite kind!

– Scrap piece of lumber (mine is about 2 feet of a 2×4)
– Paint & Paint Brush
– Sandpaper
– Krazy glue or Gorilla Glue
– Clothespins

1. First up I sanded my lumber to remove the splinters, mine was a piece of scrap wood so it was pretty rough.
2. Next I picked out my paint – I decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence.  This was a leftover can from refinishing my sewing table.
Tie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a Nest
3. I added one coat of paint and waited for it to dry before adding a second.
Tie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a Nest
4.  Next up I lightly sanded the edges to distress the wood a bit.  I used 120 grit sandpaper blocks purchased from Lowe’s.
Tie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a Nest
5.  Finally I used Krazy Glue to add on clothespins.  Mine are about 2.5 inches long and were purchased from Michael’s.  You could also use full size clothespins and you just wouldn’t be able to put as many tiebacks on your holder.
Tie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a Nest Glue
6.  Add your tiebacks/headbands and enjoy!
Tie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a NestTie Back Holder DIY Robyn Builds a Nest

I do still need to add a sawtooth photo holder to the back of the wood.  I’m just deciding whether to add it to the top to hang it vertically or if I should put in the middle and hang it horizontally.  What do you think?

sarah parson - Love this. So super cute.

Lavende & Lemonade - Very cute! Looks adorable, and super practical. It would look great either way…I guess it depends on where you’ll be hanging it!

Ana - I so so so love when I see crafty people like you! I always say I can do that, too. But then… when it’s done I always try to make a note to self not to try to do it again. Jealous of your many talents. 🙂

Natalie - This is adorable–I really love the blue paint! I’m always looking for ways to organize all the hair stuff for my daughter and I. 🙂

Lindsay - This is such a cute and create way to keep all the fun hair stuff together 🙂

Nancy - Love the DIY project you did. That blue colour is so pretty, love a nice robins egg blue paint colour.

Andi - Love that shade of blue, and such a cute idea!

Ayana Pitterson - Great idea and so very pretty. That color paint is serene and lovely!

Thrifting Diva

Lana Lou - Awesome job! Looks great!

Brenda - Such a great DIY! Thanks for sharing!

Erica - That looks so cute and easy enough to make. Thanks for sharing!

Jordan - So creative! Love the idea!

Fi - The colour of this looks so lovely. I love this DIY!

Fatima - This was a great DIY. So fun Thanks for sharing this!

Jessica - What a great idea! I love this!

Deidre - LOVE this. So darling. And I love a good chalk paint project.

Jessica Doll - This is such a cute little project. I bet it would help me organize my photography studio props better!

Liv - Horizontal!!! Great Idea!!

Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes - What a cute idea. I love the shade of blue that you have used.

JoAnn - I definitely need to make something like this!

Winter White - Could this BE any cuter?? I love this idea! I think it could work well with jewelry as well if you use hooks or something to hold it.

Katie Matthews - This is really sweet. I’d never even have thought of this problem. But this could be useful for so many different things!

Katie <3

Neely - That is amazing!

Rebekah - Cute idea! Love the shade of blue! Definitely horizontal 🙂

Lauren - This would be so cute to do!! Great way to show off the hair ties!

Jess - This looks great! I love the blue!

Regina - Thanks for sharing your DIY the color!

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