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About Me – Currently

There seems to be a big trend right now on what you’re currently doing — or on Instagram #WIDN (What I’m Doing Now). I thought it might be fun to play along here in blog land.

The nightly news – boring! It’s really just kind of on in the background while I blog. I am finally trying to get into True Blood on HBO though, I’m about half way through season one.

Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty. I’m loving it for tips on my boutique photography business (Blue Egg Photography)

Listening To:
Nothing special — just the local radio station on my weekly grocery runs with my youngest!

Working On:
Too many things!  Creating a backdrop for our PTO Fall Festival (I’m the photographer), getting the house ready for my family to come visit next week, a chevron quilt for my daughter’s bed and a Christmas quilt just for fun.  Hopefully I can get those quilts finished before my sister gets here next week, she’s great at helping me machine quilt them!

Tired – it’s getting late and I know the kids will be up bright and EARLY.  7:00 am is sleeping in around here (sigh).

A big family dinner for Saturday – I’m thinking about a crockpot hawaiian ham.  Does anyone have any other great crockpot ideas?  Something easy, feeds 10+ from age 3 and up?  Yeah, fun huh?  Crockpot ham it is!

This fall weather — it’s gorgeous in SW Washington right now and the forecast has us in the mid-70s for the next week.  I’m SO excited!  Cold, crisp mornings and warm afternoons are my favorite part about fall!

My Favorite Photo:
My favorite changes almost daily – I always have a camera in hand!  I took this one of my oldest boy the other night — he gave me about 5 minutes of standing still and spent the rest of the time dancing and chasing snakes.  It’s always an adventure around here!

Ryans fall photo -

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