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Hello October!

Oh October I love you — there is something about crisp mornings and warm afternoons that just sing to me.  The beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the scents of goodies baking sure help too!  I’ve already been baking cookies and pumpkin muffins so I’m very thankful for cooler weather so I don’t overheat the house.

I’d love to set some goals for the Nest this month – it’s probably time to kick it into high gear to decorate around here, and maybe even do some sewing too.  This will be so much easier now that my youngest is in preschool three days a week.  Keep me honest readers, here are my goals and I’d love for you to share yours too.  Post them here and I’ll check on you if you check on me – deal???

1.  Finish a baby quilt for my friend Stephanie
2.  Sew one pair of leggings (this pattern has been downloaded, I just need to make it!)
3.  Decorate the mantel for fall – I’ll probably reuse some items from last year’s mantel

Easy right?  Especially since the quilt is halfway finished.  I’ll be sure to share a photo when it’s completed!

Maybe I’ll even get some photos printed – perhaps of this owl I photographed a few weeks ago while we were driving up in the mountain.  Can you find him?

Owl camouflaged in a tree

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